Liner Notes

Douglas Wayne Ragged EP CoverThe Ragged EP is a mix of old and new. The older songs have been re-written and re-recorded. That’s one upside of being an indie artist—you can revisit your material and finally get it right (not that there’s a definitive right or wrong). The new stuff came together over a few months last summer. Since it all seemed to work as a whole I decided to do this EP.

The working title of this project was ’songs that will never get pitched’. Such is life here in Nashville. All the more reason to record these five…


Partner In Crime

… is the synthesis of separate ideas. I had the title awhile. Then came the guitar riff. At some point, I put the two together. The first few lines came easy. The chorus, which seems obvious in retrospect, took a re-write. I thought about writing a third verse but didn’t have anything else to add. This is what I think a song should sound like: open with a guitar riff, circle back to the riff, go out on the riff. Tempo. A little ‘down home’ twang. In that, this track is something of a throwback. Call it derivative. Say I’m dating myself or that I ripped off the Stones. That suits me fine. This one takes me to a place I want to go.

Daniel Dennis – acoustic guitar, bass, drums, tambourine

Brian Smith – lead guitar

D.W. – electric guitar, resonator, vox



This idea arrived almost fully formed. I had been trying to find that glimmer of the possible and the first verse and chorus tumbled out one morning. Way back I wrote one called ‘There comes A Time’ which was a better title than song as it turned out. I added that line to the chorus and it worked. I don’t play keyboards but heard this as a piano thing from the get go.

Daniel Dennis – bass & beat

Nomad – piano

Brian Smith – electric guitar

DW – vox



This is one I wrote a few years ago and re-wrote. Sometimes there’s that line or two that you just have to change. Playing this song at a house concert recently I introduced it by saying “This is one about that morning you wake hungover and realize you’ve fucked up.” Have to cop to knowing that moment a bit too well.

Daniel Dennis – cello, percussion

DW – acoustic guitar, vox


100 Year Flood

Kept this title around and finally wrote the thing. Pretty straightforward analogy hinting at that something big I think most of us desire. Still debating the tempo. We did an acoustic demo at a few more bpms. That version sounds a bit bluegrass which is cool but not where I wanted to go on the EP. I did an acoustic track on this but it wasn’t right so we added the strummy part to add movement.

Daniel Dennis – acoustic guitar, bass, drums

Brian Smith – electric guitar

DW – vox


Mary Believe

Mary B., as I call it, was written many years ago. Then re-written and re-written again. I think I have finally captured the message of redemption I had been seeking when I first wrote it in another place and time. The original version had a guitar intro and a bigger rock vibe. I jettisoned all that to focus on the message. Also decided to do something different with the arrangement: hold off on the chorus until the end. Hopefully, that’s a cool idea. Wish I could take credit for the outro. I can’t. That was the work of Mike Harvey (Actiondale Studio) who produced the first version. For this version I rearranged the outro and extended it.

Daniel Dennis – bass, drums

Rodger Morris – keyboards

DW – electric guitar, vox


All tracks recorded by Daniel Dennis at Prime Cut Studio East Nashville, TN. Additional recording done on ‘Partner’ by Jerry Brunst in his eclectic basement bar/ studio in Ashburn, VA.